General Information

Our company receives high demands for remote connection assistance. In order to reduce the intensity of our technical personnel, we are trying to offer comprehensive telephone and remote connection assistance only to our customers who have purchased one-to-one led screen products from our company. Visit our blog page and watch the training video of the product you purchased.

We are directing you to the manufacturer's web page to download the led control software and remote connection assistance program published on our website, the download files are not hosted on the server where our website is published, so we can offer you the latest versions of the programs you want to download.

HD SDK Support

Our company has used Huidu brand led control cards with SDK support for some special projects and has developed software that is included in the automation systems of the companies. For security purposes, we do not share the software developed by our company on our website, but if you wish, you can download demo software developed with SDK by visiting our blog page. Also, if you want to purchase a demo led signage product, you can contact your customer service representative.


Arduino, as it is known, is a general control card with a multi-purpose programmable microprocessor, which is known worldwide and is frequently used. Thanks to the C programming language infrastructure of the microchip on these cards, it can be used in almost every field in electronic integrated systems. Many projects have been completed in Freeled, in which Arduino led software libraries are used, and we provide support for the production of led signs that can work with the commands of PLC devices that control factory automation, especially about Arduino.

We can produce led signs that can be controlled by the PLC devices you use in your factory, you can get more information by contacting the software team of our company with the information in the communication section.