Istanbul Europe

TL 750 +VAT Service Fee

Fault detection
Paid parts replacement
Road toll included
Service time maximum 3 hours

Istanbul Anatolia

TL 1500 +VAT Service Fee

Fault detection
Paid parts replacement
Road toll included
Service time up to 4 hours

Marmara Region

TL 6000 +VAT 1 Service Fee

Fault detection
Paid parts replacement
Road toll included
Service time up to 9 hours

The whole Turkey

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Fault detection
Paid parts replacement
The fare varies according to the distance.
Service time varies depending on repair status
Excluding accommodation fee

* Sales conditions may vary depending on product features.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I cancel the service whenever I want?

You can cancel the service purchased for once, before our technical team leaves for the repair. You can cancel our service at any time as annual agreements will be made in the form of monthly payments. In case of cancellation, we would be happy to give you feedback.

Do I pay a fee when I request a service under warranty?

While some of our products are sold, especially led screen products, if the assembly belongs to our company, service is provided for 2 years within the warranty, in this case, no fee is charged, but if the product malfunction is due to user error, the replacement parts or shipping costs are notified to our customer and service is provided when approved. If you purchased your product without assembly, when you request service, our customer representative informs you about the fee and if approval is received, the service is directed.

How does our service pricing work?

Since our company is based in Istanbul, we apply lower service fees as there is ease of access and time to the services we offer around us. We also have a service network throughout Turkey, but some technical issues may need to be intervened by an expert, in this case, when the personnel is directed, travel, time spent, and accommodation expenses etc. Expenses are determined according to the circumstances.

How knowledgeable are your service personnel?

We work with experienced people in the sector, we know the product we sell and the sector well, you can be sure that our service will not leave you unsolved about the led products you buy.

Do we offer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for our customers who work with us all the time, you can get more information from your customer representative on these issues.

Our refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with the service you purchased and your problem is not resolved, some deductions will be made and the fee will be refunded.

10  +

Years of industry experience

100  +

led screen project

10 +

Skilled technical staff


Annual production capacity