40 m2 P10 Outdoor Led Screen

40 m2 P10 mm pixel led screen

The 40 m2 P10 mm pixel led screen requested by the airport shopping mall management was placed perfectly between the steel construction poles in front of the shopping mall and delivered.

Led screen construction and installation process

The iron frame, the technical drawing of which was prepared by our technical team, was made ready to be installed in front of the shopping mall after the necessary wind static calculations were made. 759 pieces of P10 smd led panels, 127 pieces of 5v 60 ampere adapters, 32 pieces of HD-5018 receiver cards, and 1 piece of HD-602 sender card were used in the production of LED display electronics.
The screen production and assembly phase has been completed for a total of 30 days.

We would like to thank the shopping mall management for choosing our company for screen purchase.


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