P6 Totem Led Display

Muş Province Bulanık District Led Screen Project

Our company has been awarded the right to produce and install the led screen by offering the best price offer in the P6 led screen project, which was opened in front of the Bulanik county center municipality, which was opened by the Bulanik district municipality of Muş province.

Technical information and construction phase of the P6 totem led screen product installed in the city center of Bulanık district;

The 12m2 double-sided LED screen, which is 24m2 in total, is produced by using 24 cabinets and 18 P6 16×32 RGB SMD modules, 3 60 amp adapters and 1 reciever card in each cabinet. A601 model sender card with WIFI supported remote access was used for the general control of the LED screen system and the remote access system.

The P6 led screen, which was requested to be produced within 20 days according to the tender conditions of the municipality of Bulanık, was completed at the end of the 15th day and its installation was provided by our technical team in 2 working days. We would like to thank the Bulanık district municipality for choosing our company.


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