Led Screen Gaziantep Oğuzeli Project

The led screen production we have made in the town of Oğuzeli, which is 50 km away from Gaziantep, was determined as 10 working days after the contract was signed.

The assembly period, continued by the Freeled manufacturing team from the date of the contract, started with the production of 12 pieces of 96 x96 led cases. The led screen cases, which are produced as laser cases, are manufactured using a special aluminum, approximately 2 mm thicker than the usual led screen cases.

For the led screen to be installed in Oğuzeli district, 300 cm led display totem stand, 288×384 cm led screen totem case is used, while 432 16×16 rgb led panels, 36 60 amp outdoor led adapters are used in the led screen electronics part, 12 dealer cards and 1 main card were used.

The LED screen assembly, which was carried out with difficulty in cold weather conditions, was completed within 3 days with the coating of the led screen totem coating with white color composite.



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