P10 RGB Led Panel

Erzurum Municipality Led Screen Project

Upon the request of the Erzurum metropolitan municipality data processing department from our company, we started our led screen project to be placed in various parts of Erzurum municipality.

The production and assembly of 8 12 square meters totem led screens, all of which were produced in the Freeled electronics factory, were done in a period of 3 months in total.

In the production of each desired led screen, … P10 RGB Led Panels, … led reciever cards … led control cards were used, with the remote connection management of mobile devices such as mobile phones, computers and tablets, upon the request of developing technology and municipal authorities, of the screens whose production was completed. programmed to be managed.

Led screen totem production, necessary anchor casting and metal used in totem production were also realized as a result of the work done by Freeled electronic metallurgy department.


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