p10 led panel

Siirt Eruh Municipality Led Screen Project

The totem led screen contract for the Eruh municipality of Siirt province was signed as a result of our face-to-face meeting with the Eruh district governor, who was appointed as the mayor, and the production started.

216 12×32 p10 led panels, 36 60 amp LED adapters, 12 hd distributor cards, 1 main board, 1 video processor with live broadcast feature, 1 air conditioner and 3 meter high led screen totem was used.
After the led screen production was prepared as 96×96 cm led screen cabinets in our Istanbul workshop, after being shipped to Eruh District of Siirt province, the Freeled assembly team set out for Eruh.

In line with the possibilities provided by our Eruh dealer, who did not spare us all kinds of support during the assembly phase to be held in Eruh, the production of led screen totem and anchorage was completed by the Freeled team in a workshop in the center of Eruh.

The delivery period, which we determined as 20 working days in the contract signed with the district governor, was completed and delivered in a short time like 10 days, attracting the attention of all Eruh people, especially the district governor, and caused the appreciation of our production team.

We would also like to thank our hardworking and devoted assembly team, who went to almost every city and district of Turkey and completed the LED screen installation properly.


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