ÇORLU Ergene Municipality Led Screen Project

While our led screen installations were going on all over the country, the 12 m2 led screen request from the Çorlu province Ergene district municipality, which we had never done before, caused us to act extremely willingly.

When I thought of Çorlu, which I had visited many times before, the analogy of small Istanbul immediately came to mind. LED screen installation in our industrially highly developed city of Çorlu would reveal a very promising situation for us.

When the production preparations started without wasting time, the fact that the municipal authorities left all the design to the freeled team will have increased our responsibility. by giving up the thought of simple totem led display. We turned to a different concept that has visual value from an architectural point of view.

The design that the Freeled assembly and sales team designed and came up with was to be a double-sided screen with a totem that required a different us system.

Although there are no special design expenses in the budget that will be allocated for the Çorlu- Ergene municipality led screen systems, as a freeled electronics company, we started to work by bearing the price difference.

The "L" shaped led display totem anchorage iron was first prepared for the led screen systems that were designed to be "L" shaped. This prepared led screen clamping iron was buried in the area determined by the municipality in Çorlu- Ergene district and the surrounding was concreted.

Although the preparation and especially the transportation of the "L" shaped led display totem requires more labor and time than we anticipated, it is extremely exciting to produce led screens that will attract the attention of all Ergene people with the totem visual as well as the led screen image designed by the freeled sales and technical team. had happened.

When the installation of the double-sided LED screen systems prepared for the Çorlu-Ergene district was completed and started to operate, the entire Freeled electronic installation team shared their pictures taken in front of the totem LED screen on social media to share their sense of success with the freeled sales team.

Installing such a led screen in the province of Çorlu, which has a highly developed industry as Freeled electronics, would gain prestige rather than financial gain, and it did. Many phone and led screen requests after the led screen assembly showed once again that we were not mistaken as freeled electronics.

Freeled Elektronik will continue to make a difference in the LED display industry with its new projects, with its successful sales policy, successful works and determined attitude.


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