24m2 P4 RGB LED Display

STAR Cultural Center and Wedding Hall P4 LED Display Project

Requested for STAR Cultural Center and Wedding Hall in Yozgat – Inquiry; A total of 24m⊃2 in 400×600 dimensions; P4 RGB LED screen was manufactured by our company and its on-site assembly was provided and the installation was completed.

Technical details and installation stages of 24m2 P4 RGB LED Display;

It consists of a total of 12 Cabinets, 102×204 in size, with the design of SMD P4 RGB LED screen, measuring 6 meters wide and 4 meters high, to be placed inside the wedding hall, one-way. A resolution of 992×1472 pixels is achieved with high-resolution indoor P4 modules. An iron carcass was prepared on the stage to be assembled, and the cabins were laid on this carcass. Each Cabinet consists of 64 indoor SMD P4 RGB Modules, 13 40 Ampere adapters and 2 receiver cards. Thanks to the new generation sender box, which eliminates the need for a computer, remote access is also included in the system. In line with our customer's request, features such as live camera broadcast and satellite connection were added to the LED display with a video processor. Finally, the product was delivered by giving training on the use of LED screens.

We would like to thank STAR Cultural Center for choosing our company.


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