Konya Mevlana Cultural Center Led Screen Project

When Konya is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind are the Mevlana and whirling dervish performances, the place they asked us to do was the Mevlana Cultural Center Whirling Dervish show hall, which can be called the heart of these two.

It would be a great prestige for Freeled electronics to have freeled branded led screen systems in such a hall, which is visited by visitors from all over the world.

With the instruction we received from the head of Mevlana cultural center, Osman ZABINOĞLU, we started the production of p6 indoor 24 square meters led screen without wasting any time. The freeled technical team, who had a great morale collapse, started production from scratch, motivated by the understanding of the head of Mevlana cultural center, Osman Bey, and thanks to the devoted Freeled technical team, who displayed an excellent example of craftsmanship, and the freeled sales team, who did not spare their support, the led screen systems were transferred to Konya Mevlana Cultural Center. Installation was done successfully.

We would like to express our endless thanks to Osman ZABINOĞLU, who was very understanding to the Freeled team and whose fatherly attitude won the love of the whole team, due to the minor setbacks we experienced during the production of the 24 square meters p6 indoor LED screen systems that we installed in the whirling dervish show hall of Konya Mevlana Cultural Center.


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