10m2 P4 Indoor Led Display


Kırşehir P4 Indoor Led Screen Project

In Kırşehir, with the help of our business partners Murat Bey, to the Kırşehir municipality conference hall, 2 p4 in total 10m2 We have successfully completed the indoor led screen project.

2 units of 10m2 installed in Kırşehir municipality conference hall; Technical information and construction phase of P4 indoor led screen product;

2 pieces of 10m2 It is produced by using 10 cabinets for single-sided indoor LED screen and 18 pieces of P4 16×32 RGB SMD modules, 3 pieces of 80 amp adapters and 1 reciever card in each cabinet. 1 PC and Nova brand sender card were used for the general control of the LED screen system and the remote access system, and 2 video proccessors were used for live broadcast support.

The production of 2 P4 indoor led screens, which were requested to be produced within 5 days by the start of the municipality, was made on time, and the screens were placed in certain areas within the conference hall perfectly within a 1-day assembly period. We would like to thank the provincial municipality of Kırşehir for choosing our company.


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