P4 Indoor Led Display

Istanbul FUEGO Club P4 Indoor Led Screen

As a result of the meeting with FUEGO Club officials, which was newly opened in Istanbul Etiler, 1 192 cm x 288 cm P4 indoor led screen was placed behind the DJ booth, and 1 96 cm x 256 cm P4 indoor led screen was placed on the front of the DJ booth. It was decided to produce led screen.

The construction phase of the P4 indoor led screen, which is produced in total 8 m2 for FUEGO Club, is as follows

A total of 156 16×32 cm p4 indoor led panels were used for the p4 indoor led screen produced in two separate parts, a total of 16 HD-RS501S reciever cards and 1 HD-A602 cender card were used for the image transfer of the panels. With the hard work and outstanding success of our production team, the screen production was completed in 1 day and installed at FUEGO Club on the same night.

We would like to thank FUEGO Club officials for choosing our company in the production of led screens.


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