276 m2 P4 Indoor Led Screen

Projecting phase

We have successfully installed the Anpa Gross Markets chain in front of the Anpa Gross Kartal store in Istanbul Kartal.

Led screen construction and installation process

The electronic production and iron frame of the 276 m2 led screen to be placed in the store building was completed in our factory in 3 weeks. The construction of the pedestal was done inside the shop building in Kartal, and the magnetic led screen panels were mounted on the pedestal in about 2 weeks. Completed in 3 working days.

The control of the LED screen is provided by the H2 Video Processor of the Nova Star brand.

Project completion time

The project was completed within 3 weeks.

Warranty period

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Materials used in 276 m2 P10 Led display
  • Panel

        P4 Indoor Panel 4500 Pieces

  • Power source

        Adapter 5 V 60 Amp 120 Pcs

  • Control card

       1 x H2 Video Processor 120 x Nova Receiver Cards

  • Till

       The magnetic system case is specially designed for the product assembly place.




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