80 m2 P3 Indoor Led Screen

Flow of work

As a subcontractor, we completed our 80 m2 P3 indoor led screen project, which is one of the highest resolution indoor led screens built in Ankara General Directorate of Forestry meeting room in Turkey.

Screen construction phase and installation process

The iron carcass construction processes of the product specified in the specification of the General Directorate of Forestry were completed by our iron works team in the meeting room, and the desired cabins were produced in our factory in Istanbul. After the cabinet production was completed, the screen was put into operation in a 14-day assembly period.

  • Cabin

       DKP Black Painted Interior Cabin 66 Pieces

  • Power source

       Adapter 5 V 60 Amp 198 Pieces

  • Control card

       1 Nova H5 Sender Card 66 Nova Receiver Cards


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