Led Route Signage Project

As a result of the studies carried out by the Freeled electronic marketing service, we gladly undertook the production of led route signs designed to be used in the buses of Izmir, Kocaeli and Izmit municipalities as freeled electronics.

Although the requests of our customers are not far from the design of the classical bus route signs, we have entered into a very long sample study due to their attention to detail.


Since the led route sign is used in a very rough environment according to the road conditions, we decided to create the outer casing frame from aluminum profile, we painted the aluminum profiles produced at the request of our customer with electrostatic black paint and obtained a black casing. We used plastic corners at the junction points to prevent it from forming, and we also produced the back cover of the case from a durable 3 mm black plastic material that will not produce noise in shocks.


The power supply of the led route signs is slightly different compared to the classical led signs. The led route sign receives its energy from the battery of the vehicle used, adapters that can convert the 12 V power supply to 5V power are generally quite large in volume. and it needed to produce energy without heating problem, thanks to the thin power supply produced with the contribution of engineer staff of our supplier in China, we produced a led adapter that can work for many years without heating problems.


Colors are universal and we usually understand what it represents when we look at a color. Yellow color is usually used in transportation works because it represents temporaryness. Therefore, the color choice of led panel we use in bus route signs was yellow led panel.


The most important part that provides an image by animating the led panels is the led control card, we used two types of led control cards according to the wishes of our customers in the production of led route sign.

  • Remote Control Supported Led Control Card,
  • Led Control Card With Classic Button Control,
  • Led Control Floor Without Button And Remote,

Freeled Electronics is able to offer advanced solutions by shaping its Led Display and Led Signage technologies according to the wishes of its customers. The led sign productions we have produced for municipalities are still continuing in our factory. It is a pleasure for us that our customers are satisfied with the service we provide.


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