Double-sided P10 RGB led signboard designed with pool frame magnet system in 32x16 cm dimensions

Projecting phase

In our project of customer information sign above the cash register, which Anpa Gross Markets wants to use in all its stores, at the request of the store managers, announcing whether the cash register is available, listening to the data from the store cash register program on the local network and depending on the availability of the cashier, and adding the cash register number on the sign in green and depending on the situation. We have developed an application that runs in the background with the ability to turn it red.

Led screen construction and installation process

We produced the application that will run in the background for the control of the double-sided P10 RGB led signboard, designed with a 32x16 cm pool case magnet system, with C# software language. Thanks to the SDK support offered to the Huidu brand E63 led control card, the software we have produced listens on the local network and takes action according to the availability of the cashier. changes the color of the sign by announcing the availability of the cash register.

The R&D and software production process of the product to be used in the pilot store of the Anpa Gross supermarket chain was completed in an average of 15 days, the assembly and commissioning of the cash registers was completed in 5 working days.

Project completion time

The project was completed in 20 days.

Warranty period

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Materials used in 32x16 cm P10 Led sign
  • Panel 

        P10 RGB Outdoor 2 pcs

  • Power source

        Adapter 5V 40 Amp 1 Piece

  • Control card

       1 Piece HD E63 Led Control Board

  • Till

       32×16 Cm Magnet System Pool Type Laser Case 1 Piece


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