LED Screen

Strengthen the promotion of your company,
Promote more outdoors, reach your potential target more easily.

What are we doing?

We produce industrial led display, led sign and led panel that can work in the outdoor environment.

Professional Solution

We are professional in the production of LED display systems, with an average of 9200 m⊃2 per year; We produce led screens, we can expand the usage area of your led system by offering services that many manufacturers do not offer.


The panels we use in the production of LED screens have IP certificates approved by accredited institutions, so we aim to use the product you purchased for many years.

Support after sale

We are one step ahead of our competitors in software and hardware, our company has the quality certificates provided by the necessary accredited institutions, and the services we offer are in accordance with TSE standards.

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Outdoor promotion is very easy now. Freeled produces fast and easy solutions, create your first project with us.

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Campaign Led Screen

Our Product Delivery Prices Excluding VAT.

P10 Outdoor 1m²

$ 550 /+ kdv
  • 10 Metre izleme mesafesi
  • 2 Yıl arızalı modil birebir değişim
  • 5 Yıl ürün desteği
  • Yazılım desteği
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P6 Outdoor 1m²

$ 750 /+ kdv

10 Meters viewing distance
2 years defective module one-to-one replacement
5 Years of product support
Software support

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* Sales conditions may vary depending on product features.