Special software support

20 Şubat, 2021

In some cases, you may need support from your led sign or led display system, other than the stock software that came with the system.

For example, you are running a car park and you may want to reflect the parking occupancy rate on the led signboard or led screen outside the car park with ultrasonic sensors, or you may want to run this system from patient registration automation with a numerator system led panel installation in your hospital, or you may want to run your led screen systems through your own cloud servers.

Download SDK Package

What is SDK Support

Thanks to the SDK support offered by the manufacturer for HD-series Network and RS232 port supported led control cards, which are widely used in Turkey, it is possible to integrate led signage controls into any automation system in windows compatible operating systems or to develop your own products such as led boards, led signboards or led screens. software support package that will allow you to manage with the software you write.

SDK Package Overview

The content of the SDK package, which enables the management of the led system with HD series cards by creating an external application, contains the necessary project files to be used in C#, C, VB programming languages, there is also a windows application that runs in the main folder when the package is first opened, there is a help file in English and Chinese in the SDK package. are available.

Turkey Support for Project Development

The number of companies that can develop such applications in Turkey is very few, but we hope that today's information will grow by sharing, so we would like to support software experts who apply to our company in order to support software experts who want to develop such projects.