Sign Istanbul

20 Şubat, 2021

We were at the International Sign Istanbul Fair, which was held for the 21st time in Beylikdüzü Tüyap in 2019, we promoted our stand, which was established on a 91m2 area, mainly led screen.

We introduced our solutions that increase functionality

In addition to producing and selling led screens by importing raw materials, we gave information to our customers about how they can use the products they buy in a more functional way. Led screen and led signage.

As a result of the joint work we have done with software companies across Turkey on the subject, we gave information about the Windows-based software we have developed so that led signs can work integrated into many different ERP or automation systems.

Our technical support service and customer relations

All of Freeled's staff work hard to help our company try to mature and grow in the industry, we know that the quality of the product sold in the entire sector is almost the same, and we never mention a term such as our product is of higher quality in our product sales. What we think is our most effective service, which distinguishes Freeled from other companies and makes it stand out, is to ensure that our customers use the product they bought with satisfaction, and in this context, is our customer at the lowest level? Or is it at the highest level? It is trying to provide the same quality service without thinking that you have bought a product.

Our effort to broaden our horizons and head abroad

We have supplied led screen products to municipalities, public institutions and many companies in the private sector in many regions of Turkey, the Sign fair was very productive for our company in order for our company to expand to foreign countries. We made contact with many visitors from North Africa and Arabian geography and promoted our products.