PowerLed Program

20 Şubat, 2021

Dear visitor, in this article, we will try to give you information about the use of the powerled program that programs the TF series led control card.

To download the PowerLed program, visit our Support page on our website. You can get free phone support from the numbers on our support page.

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Why Should I Use PowerLED

With the developing technology, we can now use led products as an advertising tool in our country, manufacturers usually use TF series led control cards in led signage, led bus route sign or marquee systems, PowerLED is required to upload animations to led control cards and update the content of the led advertising product.

Overview of TF Series Led Control Board

TF Series led control cards are generally used as the control center of led products such as single color P10 panels, led signage, marquee, bus route sign. TF series cards can also provide IR Remote infrared control system support, with their limited expandability features and display of common information such as air temperature and time calendar.

PowerLED Program Overview

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, PowerLED program is used to program TF series led control cards. This program, which also gives its name to some led products, enables playing scrolling text gifs or loading small animations to TF series card with usb, serial port and usb stick methods. PowerLED is a very simple program to use and has Turkish language support.

Where Can I Get the PowerLED Program?

You can download the latest version of the PowerLED program by visiting our "Support" page on our Freeled Elektronik website. If you choose the Turkish language while installing, you can use the program in Turkish. If you are having problems using the PowerLED program, you can get free phone support from our Freeled Electronics support team.

PowerLed Usage

In this article, I will try to give you information about the use of the powerled program.

Powerled program is used only for programming of tf series led control cards, tf series led control cards are frequently used in led signage and scrolling text systems in our country.

How to Make PowerLed in Turkish

When the Powerled program is first installed, it will most likely come in English.
To make Turkish,Open the "Language" tab from the "Options" menu and click the Turkish language option, the program will be in Turkish.

LED Control Card Selection in PowerLed

Now I will try to tell you how to make animation for our led sign , First we need to select the led control card used in our led sign, for this we open the settings tab from the tools menu, a password will be asked in the window that opens, the password is 168. When we enter the password and press the OK button, the panel setup window will open.

In the panel setup window, first of all, we select the type of our control card from the control tab, after choosing our control card, we need to choose the color type of our signboard. Since we think of our signage as a single color, I mark that it will choose .

Now we will enter the dimensions of our sign, we enter the measurements in centimeters in the height and width section.
From the scan section, we select the 4.1 1/4 general p10 option, which is valid for all single color p10 panels.
After entering the necessary parameters, we press the save button, a small window will appear saying that the settings have been made. After pressing the OK button, we close the panel setup window.

Now we can prepare the animation we want for our led sign.

Making Animation with PowerLed

Since we do not have enough time, I will only try to tell you how to make text animations. First of all, we click the program button from the main menu at the top of the powerled program, you will see that a new program has been added to the left section.

Then we click on the text button on the main menu to add our text, a new text file will be added to the program, now we are ready to write our text.

When we click on the text section on the left, you will see the text and animation settings under the program, the area where we will write the text appears in the lower right part. We write the text we want here, from the preview section of the powerled program at the top right, you can see how the text looks on our sign, we can choose the font size from the text settings at the top of the place where we write the text, in order to fit the text to our sign, we can choose the font size from this area, right justification, left justification, average, text thickness. We can choose options such as , italics.

Now we can choose the animation effect for our text, for this we choose the animation we want from the action name section, then we set the display speed and pause time of the animation we have chosen.

After making these settings, we add a frame to our sign, and select our frame from the frame section in the options area.

After selecting our frame, we can preview our animation by clicking the pv button under the preview section. If everything is as we want, we insert a flash memory into our computer and click on the export button in the main menu.

After seeing the name of the flash memory where we will save the animation in the window that opens, we select the option including panel parameters, then press the save button. At the bottom, you will see the project saved warning. Our animation is ready to be uploaded to our sign, all you have to do is keep the flash drive attached to your sign until the arrow appears on your sign.

I hope this article has helped you in terms of using the powerled program.