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23 Aralık, 2020

Issues to consider when buying LED signage

Products such as led signage, marquee, led panel are generally products in the same category. They have three different options as single color, two colors, and full color, they are generally products that are produced and sold in the form of a simple P10 panel, and their usage areas are advertisement information flow screen, etc. It allows information such as external broadcasting.

The use of led signage is quite intense in our country, it can be seen as information screens in hospitals, cash registers in markets, the panels used while creating the led signage system are generally produced using DIP leds, although this technology is old, it promises durability and longevity, but unfortunately, due to the cheapening of technology, the products used today. The quality of the panels is decreasing day by day, for example, the PCB thickness of the panels has been thinned and the silicon material between the PCB and the panel mask has decreased. Even though the panels are IP65 certified, they cannot work well in all weather conditions and lose their sealing properties. It may even cause the LED control card to burn out or malfunction.

The questions you should pay attention to and ask when buying led signs, which are usually sold through our advertising dealers, should be as follows.
First of all, you should determine your usage area and learn how healthy the sign can work in this area.
You should definitely find out what the warranty for the product covers.
If it will be used in a gas station and in an extremely humid environment, you should definitely get information about its durability.
You should clearly explain what you want to do with the product you want to buy.
If a connection will be made with an integrated software, you need to ask what you can do about it.


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