Led Screen Outdoor

28 Temmuz, 2021

Led screens are large format displays based on led technology consisting of several cabinets that can reproduce static pictures or any video format without any problems like a large monitor of a PC.

What is outdoor led display and what does it do?

Outdoor led screens are special illuminated devices that are becoming increasingly common in cities as innovative and high-tech digital communication tools. They consist of three colored LEDs called RGB to play any static or moving picture.

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What features should an outdoor led display have?

The hallmark of outdoor led displays is that they are visible and functional in any exposure and climatic conditions, even the harshest conditions. Reproduced images can be viewed in daylight or darkness, from sunrise to sunset, even in strong direct sunlight or at night without the effect of glare. . Thanks to their flexibility, they can reach large dimensions and cover entire buildings, can be integrated into a scaffolding, mounted on poles, roofs, walls.

Thanks to their size, they can be seen both from a distance and at very close distances thanks to the pixel distance of 2.6 mm (no less than 3 meters of pixels are visible).

These features make led video screens adaptable to any use: from advertising to entertainment, from communication to information, it is a revolution in the world of media.

Installation and management of outdoor led screens

The installation of a giant outdoor led display is definitely more complicated than any other installation. In fact, it requires various municipal and non-municipal permits depending on its location, such as street, roof, building facades, and even private space. It also requires non-trivial mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering based on many years of experience in the industry.

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How to control an outdoor led display remotely?

Outdoor led screens must have internet connection for remote control. Depending on the application, sports or advertising, the screen is managed by special software, with which it is possible to perform various functions: advertising display, general information, live video, scoreboards, programming of special program programs, ignition and power off, brightness adjustment, etc.

How to manage advertisement on outdoor led screen?

The purpose of an external giant advertising display is strictly to attract the attention of passers-by. Therefore, the quality of the message, video or image plays a very important role in the definition, colors, contrasts and size of the texts.

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Led display for rental and staging

For innovative communication to entertain or surprise your audience during an event, the choice of led screen can be the winning key. There are models that allow you to set up a small or large scenography that gives room for creativity, thanks to the possibility of using refined shapes such as circular, concave or convex, oblique cuts and even curved.

How much does outdoor led display cost?

Outdoor led screen prices vary depending on the size, the model and therefore the resolution of the screen, especially the pitch, i.e. the distance between an RGB pixel and the most adjacent pixel. Each product can be customized to meet any technical and budgetary requirement. Contact us now to get information about outdoor led screen prices.