Led Display

26 Temmuz, 2021

Led screens manage to attract everyone's attention, whether at night or during daylight hours, and provide sufficient light source. Therefore, it can be used easily both indoors and outdoors. Since the led screens used outdoors will be seen by many more people, they are preferred in larger sizes than the led screens used indoors. When large sizes of led screens are used, the light source is slightly more and this may cause an increase in costs, but this amount is not considered too much when it is considered that many more people can be reached.

What is Led Display?

Led screen is a videowall solution that is formed by positioning red, blue and green leds in varying numbers, features and forms according to the needs, and is mostly preferred in the production of large-sized screens. Led screens have many advantages.

  • It has a much higher brightness value than LCD screens and works more efficiently than LCD screens.
  • It is more resistant to external weather conditions than LCD screens.
  • Thanks to their modular structure, they can be produced in requested sizes according to the needs.

Indoor Led Display

Indoor LED screens, which are ideal for applications smaller than 20 m2, give a completely homogeneous image due to their developed structure. These led screens are suitable for easy assembly and disassembly, and have an advanced modular system structure with a lightweight design. Indoor LED screen systems have the advantage of operating ultra-quietly thanks to their fanless design. At the same time, thanks to the eco energy mode, energy consumption can be reduced to minimum levels.

You can reach the details of the Konya Mevlana Cultural Center Led Screen project and many other projects that we have realized as Freeled by visiting our projects page.

Konya Mevlana Kültür Merkezi Led Ekran Projesi

Konya Mevlana Cultural Center Led Screen Project

Outdoor Led Display

Outdoor led screens are generally ideal for large outdoor spaces. Thanks to its advanced integrated structures, it gives a completely homogeneous image. As a result of its very good brightness and high image quality, it offers the opportunity to watch from a distance. Since all functions and screen status of the screen are monitored in real time, the error can be corrected instantly with the warning system. Thanks to its advanced modular structures, it is suitable for easy assembly and disassembly. Thanks to the eco energy mode, energy consumption can be reduced to minimum levels. Outdoor led screens are not affected by weather conditions and have a high screen brightness value to display smoothly under daylight.

As Freeled, we produced and installed a 38 m2 outdoor p10 led screen on the Eskişehir Car Park building and a 12 m p5 outdoor led screen on the vehicle facade, and ensured that the project was delivered without any problems.

50 m2 Led Ekran Projesi

50 m2 Led Screen Project

Led Screen Features

Indoor led display features

  • Among the indoor LED screen features, the most well-known and important feature is its superior display performance.
  • Indoor led screens are durable and long-lasting.
  • It has high performance regardless of daylight or darkness.
  • They are easy to install and use.
  • Indoor led screens have low temperature value and low light pollution rate.

Outdoor led display features

  • Outdoor led screens are resistant to harsh weather conditions. In this way, it can be used in 4 seasons.
  • The image quality does not change according to the angle of incidence of the sun's rays.
  • Thanks to the light sensors used, the screen brightness can be adjusted automatically and thus energy savings can be achieved.

Types of Led Screens

Indoor led screens: Indoor led screens are quality systems designed to provide high quality images. With its high brightness, this brightness level is at a level that does not disturb the human eye. One of the most special aspects of these screens is that they provide user-oriented solutions.

Outdoor led screens: The most important advantage of led screens, which are planned to be used outdoors, is that they are resistant to different weather conditions. Even when the sun's rays come from different angles, the image quality does not change.

Flexible led screens: As the name suggests, these led screens, known as flexible screens, have oval or round surfaces. Especially in uneven places, filexible led screens are preferred. These led screens have options that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Transparent led screen: These led screens can be used in desired places regardless of indoor and outdoor. Transparent led screens are among the indispensables of showcases.

Led Screen Prices

LED screen prices may vary according to usage areas or preferred features. Many situations such as pixel count, size, color quality are the determining features for led screen prices. For this reason, when purchasing a led screen, you should contact the manufacturers and get support in choosing the most correct led screen, and the right choice should be made. You can examine our products and get price information. Contact us now and we will provide you with the answers to your questions.