Indoor Led Display

28 Temmuz, 2021

Indoor led displays are specially designed for shops, businesses and those who want an outstanding store front.

Led screens have great brightness and large size, making them an eye-catcher for any potential customer and passerby. Outdated traditional TVs are being replaced by striking LED screens, not only because TVs are quite small compared to shop windows, but also because they are less visible in well-lit areas.

Indoor led screens can be used as an interior design element that can be used to display promotional videos, as a large screen for watching TV or corporate content.

Why Should You Buy Indoor Led Display?

The main goal of most businesses is to attract large numbers of customers, associating their name with the service they offer, while remaining relevant in the minds of potential customers. To do this, the business must have a quality product or service and a strong identity that can outshine its competitors.

Advertising is the best way to create a solid business presence that can stick in people's minds.

Indoor led displays can be the best tool for your advertising strategy as they can create an impressive element inside your store. Led displays are quite versatile and can be easily placed anywhere. Indoor led displays are a great conversion for advertising, promotional and decorative purposes.

You can reach the details of the project we have realized for the Anpa Gross Markets chain by visiting our projects page.

Things to Consider When Buying Indoor Led Display

Led screens placed inside shops and shop windows are designed for viewing from shorter distances, so it is better to use smaller pixel pitch and higher resolution.

However, it is important to consider that each screen size has a corresponding pixel pitch. This criterion is essential when choosing an indoor led display. Buying a display with the recommended pixel pitch without considering other parameters may result in an overpriced advertising display that may not meet your needs or expectations. Contact us now to get information about indoor led screen prices.

Uses and Applications of Indoor Led Screens

Indoor displays are not made to be weatherproof, they have no additional protection against water or dust, so they should always be installed indoors. Some good places for indoor LED displays include:

  • shop fronts
  • Windows
  • Shopping malls
  • As digital screens in offices, restaurants
  • Hotel Lobbies

High Definition Displays

Indoor led screens are available in very small pixel pitch and offer a very sharp image of similar quality provided by video wall systems, but without the typical and annoying traditional splits.

This new type of high-definition led screens has become an increasingly popular element in commercial spaces, covering large surfaces and displaying spectacular multimedia content and encouraging customers to buy.

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How is Content Displayed on Indoor Led Screens?

Usually, indoor led screens are located in easy access areas, so we can use the content players in the store by connecting them directly. We recommend using a simple and reliable USB player with your indoor led display, which allows you to schedule videos and images to be broadcast on a specific schedule.