Global Chip Crisis

21 Mayıs, 2021

Due to the fact that silicon, the active ingredient in chip production, is processed less than the requested amount due to Covid-19, and also because of the epidemic, people's need for electronic device usage has increased, manufacturers have difficulty in producing the requested number of chips.

Although silicon as a semiconductor is very common all over the world, due to epidemic disease, an environment has been created where producers cannot maintain the supply-demand balance in chip production under today's conditions.

The Effect of Chip Production on Prices

In this period when chip manufacturers could not meet the demands as before, companies producing electronic products were in a serious bottleneck. In particular, the prices of products such as led screens, led signs and marquee, which are produced by importing the raw material from China, are constantly increasing.

Changing Price Policy Due to the Crisis

We have not increased the prices in any way in the projects that we are about to complete or have agreed upon, but unfortunately we cannot offer our customers a fixed price guarantee in the long term due to the increase in prices in China every day. For this reason, we recommend that our customers update the prices for their projects every day.

Kaan Özdemir

Business manager of Freeled Led Technology .