Giant Projects

23 Şubat, 2021

Giant Projects

Freeled Led Technology is a company that has achieved its production targets in its factory in 2020, despite the Covid19 pandemic epidemic. We have signed many giant led screen projects with the success of our technical and marketing team.

With the contributions of our business partners and the outstanding success of our sales team, we have produced giant led screens for Anpa Gross, Ankara General Directorate of Forestry, Hataneler and many other official institutions.

Producing high-resolution screens brings along many technical difficulties such as the creation of circuit elements that can drive the screen, as well as the design of the usage infrastructure of the products, as well as the factory production system.

Unfortunately, we cannot share all of our projects in our works, but you can take a look at some of our important projects by visiting our Projects page.


Being one of the first companies that come to mind when LED is mentioned in the sector requires self-sacrificing and disciplined work. It is possible to find everything you are looking for about led in Freeled.

Freeled Led Technology Marketing Manager .