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20 Şubat, 2021

Industry specific explanation

Freeled Led Technology is a registered brand, the products we produce under our brand name have CE quality certificate and 2 years warranty within our company, our brand name has been present in the sector for about 6 years, our company logo is affixed to all our products, the company's sales staff has 10 years of experience in the sector. consists of well-known people.

On 22.09.2019, another company employee shared an article openly to the sector in his "whatsapp" status, referring to the employees of our company, saying that we are making sales using the name of the company he works for, and that we are selling products by making a statement as if he is working in our company by calling his customers and using his name. (the original of the article is available in our archives, it can be shared with those who want to see it) When asked if he has any proof of this, he could not answer and made short speeches.

He did not share his so-called customer with us and did not clarify the issue. Our company did not extend the issue regarding this alleged crime and broke all relations with the claiming company and informed the company representative that there will be no future trade with the company.

On 08.10.2019, the same company representative contacted our company and made a speech stating that we were making sales using the name of his company, and made a correspondence accusing our company, stating that if we used the name of his company again, he would take legal action against our company. (This conversation can be shared within legal permissions) Based on the intended correspondence, the phone calls and correspondences of the company representative we are selling are available in our archive. (These conversations can be shared again within legal permissions) There is absolutely no issue as the company official claims, even according to the customer's statement, when he shared the picture of the product he bought from our company in the status of "whatsapp", a marketing personnel from the relevant company contacted the customer about why he did not buy this product from their own company. He asked questions and stated that their prices were cheaper.We leave the comments on the subject to you, valuable sector employees.

The list of our company's official marketing team is shared below

  • Didem BULUT (SALES CONSULTANT has no relation with our company as of 01.09.2020)

Brand names sold

  • freed
  • dreamed
  • Kaanled


Being one of the first companies that come to mind when LED is mentioned in the sector requires self-sacrificing and disciplined work. It is possible to find everything you are looking for about led in Freeled.

Freeled Led Technology Marketing Manager .